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COMOBA is specializing in development of auction based, self-service smart screen advertising solution. COMOBA powered smart screens could be installed in taxi cars, supermarkets, malls, gyms, gas stations, coffee shops and any other high traffic areas. COMOBA is also a robust Ad/content management platform which could be used on any internet connected screen.


Out-of-Home advertising solutions, including advertising on billboards or posters faces and issue that offline ads provide little or no analytics to the advertisers. COMOBA is designed to replace billboards with TV’s screens or tablets which allows us to provide a full scope of analytics. COMOBA ads could be targeted by location, date, time of the day and also by demographics.

For instance, ridesharing companies like Uber have a potential to make more revenue per single ride by displaying ads on our screens which are installed in their cars. Riders can simply view ads or they can even interact with it (sign up for a service, download an app or participate in a survey) and as a result rider would pay less for their commute due to COMOBA’s revenue share model. This concept is currently being tested in 60 taxi cabs with COMOBA screens riding in Vilnius Lithuania.

Our first experience shows that brand love the experience due to the ability to capture the attention of bored riders and advertise to them directly. And what is the most important for brands is that they could target and track the performance of their ads.

However, COMOBA is not just for services like Uber. COMOBA screens could be installed in any brick and mortar businesses like supermarkets, gyms, gas stations, coffee shops, office buildings to display targeted ads as well as for displaying company’s internal communication messages (like company news or special promotions). Moreover, businesses could make some extra money from displaying COMOBA ads on their property.

Simply, COMOBA is Google Adwords type of solution but for OOH advertising.


Advertising solutions developed by COMOBA is capable of providing rich and enhanced advertisements display on various screen solutions, including tablets, mobile phones, monitors, TVs or any other displays. In contrast to the tradition outside advertising solutions (such as banners), COMOBA solution is designed to trigger people explicit, as well as implicit memory in order to maximize information witch retain in the potential customers’ memory.

Numerous diverse media content intakes could be applied in order to maximize the key goals of the campaigns. The most common intakes are:

  • Static adverts;
  • Video content;
  • Flash content;
  • Websites;
  • Other.

Moreover, COMOBA smart advertising solutions allow advertisers to interact with the advertising contact live! The solution allows to redirect customers for the further purposes of the ads, e.g. to play a flash game, watch video or fill a questionnaire.

Technology Description

We enable smart and targeted Out-Of-Home advertising solutions. We connect various smart devices into an ad network for both data gathering and visualization. For data collection we use our own sensors and devices (i.e. gps, cameras) and 3rd party data (i.e. mobile data information, public data APIs). Data is pushed to our cloud services to the Elastic and MySQL databases.

Then the processed data is used for ad displays and bidding algorithms. We are building a self-service web client, where customers will be able to bid their ad campaigns for OOH Ads in real time. The display part is a lightweight web-based client, which communicates with backend services through API calls. The web-based client enables us to use any kind of device for display role.


According to the different sources Lithuanian advertising market is projected to be 110 – 200 million Eur. per year what is distributed to online (Google, Facebook, etc) and offline (TV, Radio, Billboards, etc) advertising. The international research shows that Lithuanian advertising market is 200 million Euros equilly distributed to the online and offline services. Hence 100 million Eur. per year is spent on ad advertising with no conversion, actual views and any other data tracking (real data). COMOBA is about to slice a piece of the offline advertising money as it is capable of collecting data and/or matching it with the third parties data.

Lithuanian market is applied for data points collection with a goal to apply know-how and experience in the US advertising market which is 150+ billion USD a year and ~65% of expenditure goes to the offline advertising.

Revenue model

Our current cost structure cosist of hardware cost which is required to launch displays. As an early stage start-up we are commited to finance the acquisition of hardware for the first trial customers. However, the ultimate goal is to transfer hardware acquisition cost on the high traffic location owners since an investment payback period is 12-24 months. In order to transfer initial investment on other stakeholders we have to develope an example case for individual verticals of our fields of development.

COMOBA’s revenue structure is based on % fee of advertising revenue displayed on screens. Currently we take at least 50% of advertising revenue due to our investment in hardware but the percentage might change when we manage to shift hardware purchase cost on other stakeholders.


Our current price for 1 Static Ad impression starts from 0.01 Eur. per unique customer (multiple impressions), for Dynamic Ad impression starts from 0.03 Eur. per unique customer (up to 30 seconds per video). However, the pricing will be set by the market due to the open auction based bidding platform which will be used for campaigns management (key principles of Google AdSense).

Core Team

COMOBA team Syndi.Fund

Advisory Team

COMOBA advisory team Syndi.Fund


ZetaDisplay, Kreateevee, Facthouse, Cayin, 22 miles and multiple others who provide individual digital content management solutions. However, none of them provide open, auction based, self-service content management solutions for multipurpose information display.


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