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People have too much stuff. They have too many valuable things that are unused and forgotten. These things tend to be hidden on shelves, in drawers and garages up to the point where they lose their value and people can get rid of them guilt-free.

Why People Do Not Sell Stuff They No Longer Use?

  • People don’t sell their stuff because the price wouldn’t be very high ($10-$50). People do not want to spend time preparing stuff for sale, taking photos, writing up descriptions, communicating with potential buyers, etc.
    • Even when they manage to sell their stuff, the time spent doing that could be more valuable than their earnings.
    • There is absolutely no guarantee that somebody will buy their stuff (maybe the market price is lower than the asking price, or perhaps not many people can see the ad).

Why People Do Not Throw Stuff Away?

  • Stuff is „valuable“. People have spent money and they feel obliged to keep stuff until its value reaches $0.

Broomsy diagram SYNDY.Fund


All you need is a BOX. Leave everything else with Broomsy.

Imagine that the only thing you need to do is put all the stuff you don’t use into a box. When you are ready, Broomsy courier picks up the box. Once in the Broomsy warehouse, stuff is sorted, photographed and uploaded onto a website/app, where buyers will bid at auctions. After every sale, money will be transferred into your account. Too easy!

Broomsy process Syndi.Fund


For the seller:

  • Broomsy will store the stuff for free until it’s sold – sellers reclaim space at home;
  • Broomsy will save time:
    • seller won’t need to prepare stuff for sale (take photos, write descriptions);
    • won’t have to reply to the potential buyers’ enquiries;
    • won’t have to worry about the shipping.
  • Auction method guarantees the highest price;
  • All you need is a BOX.

For the buyer:

  • Buyers can find interesting and valuable stuff for better prices than in the shops;
  • New stuff every day – worth revisiting the website;
  • Buyers can get a few things at once and save on shipping costs;
  • Auctions are fun, engaging and addictive.

For the Planet Earth:

  • Stuff is reused and not thrown away.



People on average income, who have lots of things and not enough time to look after their stuff. They live busy lives, buy impulsively and then can’t throw stuff away. Hence they need a rational solution.


People who look for ways to buy cheaper, or those who believe in reusing, recycling and „second life“. For example, the first shopping centre for second hand goods has opened in Sweden. It is highly likely that this trend will only grow stronger in the future.
(Swedish second hand shopping center).


After successfully attracting investments we are planning to establish a system of warehouse and logistics. Also to start creating mobile friendly WEB version and by 2018 – 3rd quarter to have working Android/ iOS apps for mobile devices.

In 2019 – start expand Broomsy in other countries.

Broomsy evolution Syndi.Fund


Broomsy Team Syndi.Fund

Donatas Karklius – CEO
Ilja Laurs – Lead Investor and Advisor
Giedrius Zavadskas – iOS Developer


The relevance of the idea has been tested in the market and WEB/Android App Wireframe is now being developed. At the moment we are looking for a new team member who will be responsible for all software development.

Funding will be used to establish a Broomsy warehouse and for process automation, to develop WEB platform, Android and Safari. Funding will also be used for marketing in social media and building brand awareness.


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